Standard ANSI Standard C29.2B Designs

Victor toughened glass suspension insulators are designed, manufactured and tested in conformance with the requirements of ANSI Standard C29.2B standard profile.

These products are listed as RUS accepted where corresponding RUS classifications exist.

All insulator ferrous metal fittings are hot-dip galvanized.  The assembly of Victor glass is done by hot curing process using high strength aluminous cement.  They are tested for 1 year to undergo all season changes before being sold.

Cat. No.ANSI ClassLeakage Distance (in.)M&E Strength (lbs.)Impact Strength (in. lbs.)
VI 52-3H TG52-3H12.52000055
VI 52-4H TG52-4H12.622000055
VI 52-5H TG52-5H12.53000060
VI 52-6H TG52-6H12.623000060
VI 52-8H TG52-8H15.754000090
VI 52-11 TG52-1115.755000090

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