OEM Switch ANSI Standard C29.9 Designs

These insulators are specifically designed for in line switches and distribution switches. 

Victor manufactures and tests these insulators in accordance with the requirements of ANSI Standard C29.9. All insulators are solid core with ferrous hardware.

Distribution Switch (2-1/4 in Bolt Circle, Stud Type)

These insulators have 2 studs on a 2-1/4 inch bolt circle on each end. The units are available with the studs in line or 90° opposed. 

Standard packing is an OEM type pallet pack for bulk use on switch assembly lines.

Cat. No.StudsHeight (in.)BILCantilever (lbs.)Qty per Pallet Pack
173790 degree6-3/4951200140
1737-31In line6-3/4951200140
173890 degree81101000140
1738-31In line81101000140
173690 degree9125900105
1736-31In line9125900105
173990 degree10150800105
1739-31In line10150800105
173590 degree11150475105
1735-31In line11150475105

Distribution Switch (In Line Type)

These insulators have 4 tapped holes (1/2-13 NC) on a 3 inch bolt circle on each end. 

Each is manufactured and tested to the requirements of ANSI Standard C29.9.

Cat. No.Height (in.)BILTensile (lbs.)Cantilever (lbs.)Std. Pack

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