Standard ANSI Standard C29.2 Designs

Victor distribution porcelain suspension insulators are designed, manufactured and tested in conformance with the requirements of ANSI Standard C.29.2.

These products are listed as RUS accepted where corresponding RUS classifications exist.

All insulator hardware is ferrous. Standard color is sky gray. Standard cotter keys are brass, with stainless steel available upon request.

Cat. No.ANSI ClassRUS AcceptedLeakage Distance (in.)M&E Strength (lbs.)Impact Strength (in. lbs.)
VI 52-3H52-3H-122000090
VI 52-4H52-4H-11.52000090
VI 52-5H52-5H-123000090
VI 52-8H52-8H-12.54000090
VI 52-1052-10-114000090
VI 52-1152-11-155000090

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